Welcome to Kasi RM The Artist website!

I am Kasandra Mejia, an artist who is finding her way in the art world.

My experiences have influenced my art because each artwork I create has a part of me and a part of who I am as an artist. Several of my artworks is a mirrored reflection of certain aspects of my life which I want to express to the world. Verbalizing my emotions has not been my strongest suit so I had to depend on art to express those emotions I had bottled inside. Even though most of my artworks are abstract, they convey the emotions that have been submerged in my mind and soul.

My mission as an artists is....

I truly want to help future students to achieve their dreams within the art community. Being able to help those students can allow me to repay my former art teachers who have helped me pursue my dream in the arts. Teaching students art, the history, and the importance it has to our daily lives can allow many potential art students to further their interest in the arts and eventually expand the art community. Being able to be a part of the art community can allow me to improve myself as an artist but to also give me a chance to help future art students to use art as a form of expression through the use of traditional and modern methods. There has been a debate between educating students through traditional methods versus allowing them to cultivate their creativity. I want to be able to blur the line between traditional and creativity and allow students to be able to create art using traditional methods while using their creativity.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me, my art, and my goals. I truly appreciate you for supporting my art and myself as an artist.